Luxury Theatre Going in London

Luxury Theatre Going in London

Palladium interior

The West End boasts some of the best hotels in the world, some of the very best restaurants in the world and the very best theatres too.

From the London Palladium in the north west of Theatreland, to the Royal Opera House in the south east, beautiful theatres with ornate decorations and plush seating play host to smash hit plays, West End musicals and grand operas throughout the year.

But only one in five visitors to London will take time out of their visit to experience a West End performance. The rest will never know the delights that wait for them beyond the flunkies and the foyer doors.

So what do you need to do to make sure that the next time you are in London that you don’t miss out on such a fabulous opportunity?

Plan ahead

It is not true to say that all theatres are sold out months in advance any more. But some of the top shows, especially at the weekends will be and, even if they are not sold out, the best seats will have been snapped up many months beforehand.

If you are coming to London it is worth planning ahead and looking into which shows will be on when you are in town and which shows you would like to see.

Shows tend to start booking around 6 months in advance although some of the big musicals are already booking well into 2016 (as I write in May 2015).

So if you are planning an autumn visit then I would start looking in spring. In fact it can be a good idea to do this when you book your travel and hotel – especially as you can book theatre, hotel and travel packages to take advantage of discounts on three!

If you can’t plan ahead then your hotel concierge can organise tickets on arrival. They are generally very good at getting tickets!  You can tip them if you like but they will get commission from the agent that they are using, so there is no need to worry that they will be out of pocket… they will generally get about 10% of the price that they will charge you.

If you are an independent sort then by all means phone the theatre or use their website, but this can mean spending a fair amount of time researching shows and tickets that you may not want to spend.

Lastly, if you don’t mind going down to Leicester Square, then you can queue up for half price tickets at the half price ticket booth, called TKTS, on the day. Queues are not as bad as they used to be, but queueing in a cald wet leicester Square when you are on your luxury break to London doesn’t sound very… well… luxurious!

The Seats

Stalls and Dress Circle are the best. You may have romantic ideas about sitting in a box, but 9 times out of 10 the view is worse from there

Ask if the seats have a clear view and try to sit quite central in the row, unless you need easy access. If you do require help with access, you must tell the theatre when booking. They will be able to help but only if they know in advance.

The Performance Night

Arrive early, about 30 minutes. That will give you the chance to enjoy the occasion, buy a programme, order interval drinks (there is no supplement) and go to the loo!

If you do have seats on the end of a row, don’t bother sitting down too early as you will be up and down like a jack in the box as people want to get past you on their way to their central seats: just stay in the bar!

At the end of the show, don’t join the other lemmings in rushing out! Take a minute to enjoy the moment! Look around at the auditorium – London theatres are beautiful pieces of architecture.

At least listen to the orchestra as they play the outgoing music! After all, you’ve paid for it!

What Shows

And finally what should you see?

My top five to look out for in 2015 are:

Matilda – the musical – at the Cambridge Theatre

Miss Saigon at the Pince Edward

The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s

War Horse at the New London Theatre

Gypsy at the Savoy (or, if you have missed that, Beautiful)


5 Amazing Ways to Explore the UK


Boutique hotels have become increasingly popular in the UK and offer distinctive stylish accommodations in stunning locations. Boutique hotels in the UK give you an opportunity to choose a room that suits your style and give you comfort away from home. They are refreshing and never get boring even for the frequent traveler, as no two rooms in a boutique hotel are the same. UK luxury hotels like these give you an experience beyond staying in an ordinary hotel room, from the décor to the food and drink; they help you break away from the mould and cater stylishly to the everyday living in a hotel.


If you are an independent traveller who finds self-drives too much, there is the alternative of train tours. The UK has an extensive far-reaching railway nationwide.  Railway travel enables you to explore amazing destinations all over the country. You can explore the capital cities of Great Britain, cruise through the quintessential English countryside of Cotswolds, the cobbled streets and impressive architecture of Oxford, the dramatic coastlines and winding valleys of Wales and the stunning Highlands of Scotland.


Travelling in the UK means enjoying every bit of your trip from sightseeing and activities right to the type of accommodation you choose. Get away from norm and choose something unique and extraordinary to make your UK holiday more memorable. There is something special about staying in a log cabin, the privacy, location and charm that is unrivalled by hotels. Log cabins give travelers an opportunity to explore the UK countryside and engage in fun activities such as fishing, cycling, sailing and enjoying serene atmosphere. Try it with


The UK is diverse and is home to incredible historical treasures that will take you to a land far away such as in fairytale storybooks. A campervan holiday in the UK gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace; stopping over when you please, taking detours and enjoying free camping. A campervan is like your very own home away from home, only that it is mobile. Most campervans have fully equipped kitchens that make it possible to prepare your own meals and cut the cost of eating out. They also have berths where you can sleep for the night. Campervans have designated areas for parking all across the UK and the reliable road network makes it even easier to explore all the iconic regions of UK.


Norfolk is in the east of UK and is an amazing flat land crisscrossed by rivers known as ‘broads’. It is one of the most significant wetlands of UK and is home to countless species of birds including warblers, kingfishers and grebes. To enjoy exploring this region, you can hire a traditional wherry to explore the windmills, the country churches and local pubs in an incredible way. It gives you fantastic views from different vantage points as you sail slowly through the wetlands.

Soaking Up the Best of the UK

B&B holiday

A bed and breakfast holiday is the best way to tour around the UK. If you are looking to explore the beauty of the southern coast, the lush countryside scenery, the buzz of the cities, and the culture found in the many museums without breaking the bank, this is the best way for you. There are plenty of high quality B&Bs scattered all across the UK. So whether you are touring Scotland staying in holiday cottages, taking a B&B break in Brighton, or visiting the beach in Cornwall, a B&B is a great way of staying mobile. Not only are you able to enjoy touring more, but it also presents you with a more personal experience as you interact with the locals for advice, directions, and pleasure.

Guided tour

Guided tours are really popular with a lot of people since they are a shortcut to fully opening up the area in new ways. Tour guides are able to create unique packages for you, depending on your interests. They also have a vast knowledge of local attractions, and are able to help you discover places that are not on the tour map. What’s more, in today’s creative industry, you can get a fun themed guided tour that even your kids will enjoy. You may settle for the traditional luxury bus or walking tours. Alternatively, you can go for a bike tour, food tour, art tour, castle tour, and even movie themed tours. A favorite tour method is to take a river tour, particularly if it is city.

Group trip with friends

Catching up with old friends can be spiced up by travelling together. Whether your friends have families, or it is simply a group of singles, the UK has facilities that will cater to your needs. For a tight knit group, it is wise for you to take up a cottage or other form of large accommodation. This allows you to enjoy more time together, and makes it convenient to enjoy those scintillating conversations that carry on way into the night. These cottages come furnished with antique furniture that create a cozy, homely, environment, perfect for friendly, intimate groups. Alternatively, for adventurous friends, a road trip across the UK’s stunning landscape is a fun way to holiday. For younger travellers, you can stop in major cities and indulge in the nightlife before making your way to some other exciting part of the country.

See the Lake District 

The Lake District in Cumbria will excite any nature lover. Home to over 19 water bodies lying in stunning valleys created by beautiful hills, The Lake District is among the top visited areas in the UK. The list of things to do in this attractive area is not limited to sightseeing or outdoor camping. You can tour the area by train, or enjoy crossing some of the lakes via ferry. You can also learn about the area’s history in the Lake District Museum & Gallery, which also gives geographical information about the area. Accommodation here is also quite delightful, with the option of putting up at a luxury Old English theme hotel, quaint cottages, or friendly B&Bs.

Range Rover Unveils Most Expensive Model Ever

Range Rover Unveils Most Expensive Model Ever

British carmaker Range Rover has unveiled the most expensive model ever.

The new Rover features:

  • First ever long wheel-base Range Rover aims to compete with limousines
  • Seats, dash, tables and ‘ski hatch’ all finished in leather
  • Mood lighting in 10 different colours allows drivers to set the tone
  • Airline style chairs have TVs and massagers fitted into them

How much does this stunning new car cost? £140,000. Chump change!

More details here.

Here’s a gallery:

Carrier, providers of tailor-made luxury holidays

Carrier, one of Britain’s leading luxury travel agents, has been providing its customers with tailor made holidays for over 30 years.

Recently named both ‘Luxury Travel Agent of the Year’ and ‘Luxury Tour Operator of the Year’ in the TTG Travel Awards 2013, Carrier is committed to offering superior service when it comes to booking holidays to some of the world’s most stylish destinations.

Whether you’re in search of an African adventure or an action-packed ski break; a fortnight of indulgence in the Caribbean or a week exploring Europe’s cultural hotspots, Carrier can create a bespoke holiday that offers you the ultimate in comfort, convenience and unrivaled luxury.

Superior service

Now that we’re able to book a jaunt abroad at the click of a mouse, it can be easy to forget the value of seeking expert assistance when it comes to choosing where, when and how to spend your holiday.

Between them, Carrier’s team of specialists offer a wealth of knowledge across dozens of holiday destinations.

Each of the seven product areas are staffed by a dedicated, well-travelled team able to offer particular insight into each of the hand-picked collections. In fact, many of Carrier’s highly experienced consultants are able to offer first-hand advice on the best things to see and do on your break as they’ve actually visited the locations themselves.

Carrier’s personal, one-to-one service means you can create a holiday that’s truly unique and entirely memorable.

Stylish destinations

See yourself under the blazing Arabian sun, driving along American’s West Coast, or would you prefer gliding down the unspoilt slopes of the Alpines? With a selection of 96 worldwide destinations to choose from, Carrier can cater to your needs, whatever your ideal holiday might be.

Or perhaps you’re not sure where you picture yourself, and need some inspiration. Consider Sandy Lane in Barbados, one of Carrier’s most popular resorts. This iconic hotel has been welcoming guests for over 50 years and is widely considered one of the best hotels in the Caribbean. A chic retreat the offers numerous dining options, spacious and airy accommodation and exemplary service, everything’s perfectly in place for you to enjoy an incredibly relaxing stay.

Unforgettable memories

Carrier’s first-class service isn’t limited to finding you the ideal chic hotel or secluded villa in which to spend your stay. From remarkable excursions to entire itineraries, they’re also well versed in seeking out the ‘extras’ that complete your holiday.

Adventurers can discover a new sport (or simply revive their skills), romantics can book dinner under the stars, and families can choose a bonding experience and create memories together that they’ll treasure forever.